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Project Description
A Carousel Control for WPF that includes the ability to specify z-tilt angle (horizontal-to-vertical carousels), perspective tilt angle (to make the objects in rear easier to see), and item location-based opacity and size.

This is the WPF (3.5) version of a carousel selection control I originally created for a Silverlight class. It also allows handlers to be attached when a carousel item is selected.

Any FrameworkElement object can be used as a carousel item; in fact you can even have carousels inside of carousels (which is what I used in my Silverlight class project).

For examples of this control in action (at least the Silverlight 3 version), see the following pages:

    • Includes an auto-scroll carousel
    • Includes a diagonal carousel
    • Includes many other carousel examples

This solution also includes examples of an UIAutomation test that can drive the carousel. Since there is no direct UIAutomation patterns implemented yet for this control, a mouse helper is used to select specific controls.

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